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Sun in Aries
5 degrees
Moon in Leo
2 degrees
Waxing Gibbous Moon
Waxing Gibbous Moon
9 days old
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Nano Health Wand Aura Demonstration

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Watch the aura video above and see the changes in color of an individuals aura as the Nano Health Wand is brought into proximity to their body.

  • Red Orange Colors in the Aura show fatigue
  • Green and Purple Colors show healthier glow in the aura even after the wand is removed

We have an unusual validation of the energy produced off the tip of the wand. Guy Coggins is internationally recognized for his invention of a camera which can capture the colors of a human aura. A number of sophisticated healers, therapists, and even MD's endorse and use his invention. In the above video, we see the aura change from red and yellow, to green and purple when as the wand is brought into proximity of the subjects head, indicating that the energies in the aura are being raised to a much higher healthier vibrational energy.