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Sun in Taurus
28 degrees
Moon in Capricorn
20 degrees
Third Quarter Moon
Third Quarter Moon
21 days old
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Super Quick Delivery!

"I ordered I-Ching coins not realizing I was ordering from Australia (as I am in Canada). I first had ordered only the one set, and realized I wanted 2 sets of coins and emailed Natures Energies to see if it would be possible to add to my order instead of paying for 2 separate shipping charges. Right away i was contacted via email that it was no problem and it wold be added to my order. When I checked my visa is when i realized I had ordered from Australia. Anyway in the end I was VERY satisfied with the service. I think I received my I-Ching coins faster than if I had ordered them from U.S.A. Thanks again for great customer relations...and fast service!!! Lorette S

"I was impressed with how fast I got my order from all the way around the world; also how easy it was to pay for it. You definitely get a 5 out of 5" M.R. Pflugerville, Texas, U.S.A.

"I was concerned about the fact that my order was coming all the way from Australia when I live in TN (USA), but really I should not have! My order arrived super fast only 6 days after I placed my order and in perfect shape!" B Blancuzzi