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Third Quarter Moon
Third Quarter Moon
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Vega Testing

What is Vega Testing?

Vega testing is a biofeedback system utilising electrical impulses from the body connected to a machine. By holding a metal rod in the hand, the practitioner will press a small (rounded) probe into an acupuncture point on the body. The machine will show a response on a scale as to the relative health/energy and response of the person through this point.

Substances can be introduced into the machine & a further response can be witnessed. The client may also hold substances and have their responses to the substances measured by the Vega machine e.g., in adding a vitamin vial to the client, it can be verified whether their energy levels remain constant (not required – no change indicated), lower (toxic to the system at this time and may need to be deleted from the diet) or raise (required by the client).

If you wish to utilise Vega Testing, utilise your own training and skills as to the best method of utilising the vials. They are perfect to be used in direct contact with the Vega testing machines for body responses.