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Sun in Taurus
0 degrees
Moon in Aquarius
18 degrees
Third Quarter Moon
Third Quarter Moon
23 days old
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Deities and Statues


Arowana Fish
for Abundance
Brass Chu Ke Liang Bronze Dragon
Rooster Buddha Schumann Energy Generator Dragon Tortoise Carrying a Child
Laughing Buddha Quan Yin Schumann Energy Generator Quan Yin Statue
Five-Element Pagoda with Fuk Luk Sau Pewter Victory Dragon Calabash with Imprints of the Eight Immortals 
Fuk Luk Sau Pair of Red Eyed Kei Loons Brass Cicada
Chakra Power Pyramid  Laughing Buddha on a Dragon Tortoise Laughing Buddha on a Money Frog 
Buddha with Ivory Jade Finish Happy Buddha Trinket Box  Diwali Statue
Bastet Egyptian Cat Statue The Four Wise Monkeys