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Magnetic Collars for the Better Health of Dogs - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
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Magnetic Collar Therapy for the Better Health of Dogs

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Pets suffer from a number of stress related ailments, with many of them becoming obvious as they age, as do humans. Such ailments include, but are not limited to the following;

  • Arthritis
  • Skin Problems
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Coughing
  • Hearing Loss
  • Hair loss
  • Blood Sugar Imbalance
  • Joint Pain
  • Low Energy
  • Aggression
  • Poor Eyesight
  • Injury Recovery
  • Poor Circulation
  • Breathing Difficulties

Increasingly, veterinarians are seeing these disorders appear in pets at much earlier than expected ages. No one can agree on the causes of these problems appearing, but some say it is related to diet (e.g., insufficient vitamins and minerals), breeding practices, and environmental toxins and pollutants which have an impact on the immune system. More and more, people are turning to using alterative medicine practices to tackle the problems which are causing misery in their beloved pets. One of these alternative approaches is magnetic therapy.

Magnetic Therapy Applied with the "MagiCol" Magnetic Collar

In the United States, equine veterinarians were some of the first vets to trial magnetic therapies. Thoroughbred race horses have been treated for their injuries using magnetic therapies now for well over 20 years. One such vet is Dr. John Halford of Ojai, based in California. John states that "I know that many of my colleagues fear that magnetic therapy will reduce their income. I've found the opposite. By using magnetics, treatment is easier, the results are more dramatic, the clients are usually happier and business increases".

Research undertaken by A.R. Davis and W.C. Rawls Jr., (The Magnetic Effect, 1975, Acres U.S.A) demonstrate that magnetic energy used on animals is the preferred energy for long-term use, and can effectively be used as a preventative of infectious diseases and ailments.

While there are many different pet pads for your pet to sleep on, the magnetic health collar (MagiCol) applies a balanced magnetic field that works with your pet's own magnetic energy, not only when they are asleep, but all day every day.

There are now a number of vets recommending the magnetic collar as an alternative therapy to their clients.

It is important to remember to not stop your pet's medication, unless recommended by your vet, and to not expect instant results. It is often the case that magnetic therapy will can take time - sometimes its a slow but sure improvement.

Natures Energies stocks the magnetic collar in a range of sizes suitable for dogs ranging in size from "toy dogs" through to very large dogs. Measure your pet's neck circumference using a dress makers tape measure to determine the collar size that is suitable for your pet.

Magnetic MagiCol Collar for Toy and Small Dogs

Dimensions (in/cm): (7" to 11" in length x 0.8" wide / 18 cm to 28cm in length x 20 mm wide). Available in Blue Dog Print only (see picture to right).

Price: $24.95
Special: $19.95

Magnetic MagiCol Collar for Medium Dogs

Dimensions (in/cm): (10" to 15" in length x 0.8" wide / 25 to 38cm in length x 20 mm wide)

Price: $34.95
Special: $29.95

Magnetic MagiCol Collar for Large Dogs

Dimensions (in/cm): (13" to 21" in length by 1" wide / 34 to 53cm in length by 25mm wide)

Price: $44.95
Special: $39.95

Magnetic MagiCol Collar for Extra Large Dogs

Dimensions (in/cm): (21" to 27" in length by 1" wide / 68cm in length by 25mm wide) - extra magnetic energy is included

Price: $49.95
Special: $44.95

Have a look at some of the comments made by people using the magnetic collar for their pets in the section below.

"MagiCol" Magnetic Collar for Pets

Plain Blue Magnetic Pet Collar - All collars are available in blue only. Note that all collars are adjustable in size (see dimensioning for each collar opposite). To select for your pet, simply use a dress-makers tape measure to measure the neck circumference.

The large and extra large dog collars have stronger fittings to accommodate the size and strength of your dog

Blue "Dog Print" Magnetic Dog Collar



  • I just received the collars for my yorkies. Can I put their dog id's in the collar?

    Wednesday, 12 March 2014
    Yes. As long as the tags are not electronic or sensitive to magnetism, you can attach the tags to your dogs' new magnetic collar.
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  • What is the gauss rating on the magnets?

    Friday, 28 February 2014
    The gauss strength of the magnets is not disclosed by the manufacturer. The magnets are not strong, but they are of the correct strength for being therapeutic. If you were to make a collar yourself and put into it strong magnets, your dog would become very sick from this within several weeks. If the magnets are too weak, the collar simply would not work. Number of magnets is also not disclosed by the manufacturer.
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Reviews and ratings

  Especially like the dog collar. Our biegal has been diagnosed with a degenerative disc causing her to howl when she moves the wrong way. We put her on a diet and that helped. Just one little howl. No howl since she has been wearing the collar. OK U.S.A
  I just thought I would update you on our Newfoundland & her magnetic collar. I purchased the collar end of Jan. this year, & could certainly see some improved movement little by little. She was not lame, but at 8 years she is a typical giant breed dog, a little uneven, a bit arthritic, & not much get up & go anymore. Last weekend we went down to the back paddock with the dogs, but hadn’t noticed that Tkoa must have stayed at the house; this we realized when we saw her bounding down the laneway to join us & the other dogs at the bottom. This really gave me such a happy feeling, to see her run & frolic about like she used to do as a younger dog, & I know it has been the collar that has helped her as nothing else has changed. We also use magnets on ourselves & the horses, & now have a way of using them on the dogs also. Thanks for a great product.
Ms S. S, Forest Hill. Qld, Australia
  Since my pet, Bengi, has been wearing magnets, "... his allergies have disappeared, and he has stopped scratching."
Ms. E.S.
  "Our 14 year old dog, blind and deaf, has started responding to his name since wearing magnetics!"
Mrs. M.A.
  "Before the magnets, our 14 year old dog could barely go up the stairs; now he trots up his arthritic pain apparently gone."
Ms. M.K
  "Whitney, 10 years old, had stiffness of her hind joints; after wearing magnets, she has renewed energy and showed a large improvement in mobility."
  Tyson is a six-year-old German Sheppard whose legs just aren't what they use to be. He stopped games and swimming in the dam. After only one week of wearing the collar he was running around with our pup. The Magnetic Dog Collar has given Tyson a new lease on life and will be with us for a long time to come (and without pain).
Kevin M
  Just wanted to thank you for sending the magnetic collar for Buddy. Seems a marked improvement already. He seems so much more relaxed and isn't biting his hair like he used to.
Yvonne & Buddy
  “Daisy Lynch, a rescued Jack Russell, has been wearing a Magnetic Pet Collar now for only a short time, and her owner, Mal Lynch, who is a fully qualified Canine/Feline Masseur, has noticed dramatic changes in her behaviour and muscle condition. Daisy came to Mal following rescue from an abusive household and has had to endure two knee replacement operations and two pins inserted into her hips, with a resulting slight limp, despite ongoing massage.
  Since wearing the Magnetic Pet Collar, Mal has noticed a decrease in the limping and a reduction in the amount of energy (busy-ness) exerted by Daisy.”
Tom and Mal, Brisbane Qld
  We personally have found that the general health and well being of both our dog and cat have improved since wearing the Magnetic Collars. They are actually more relaxed and peaceful with each other. The other day our dog, Paddington, even decided to share a bone with our cat, Te-kay-leth!
Bryn and Marie Keith, Miami, Fl