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NaturesEnergies Crystal Chakra Beam Radiator | Best Metaphysical Tools Online
06:30AM Jun 01
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Aromatherapy Decoder for Home Use

How this decoder works 

This decoder has been specially formulated to recommend essential oil remedies for 72 common health complaints. Each of the health complaints are listed in alphabetical order. The user simply turns the appropriate disk, and finds a list of essential oils traditionally used to treat the condition.

As well as recommending essential oils for common health conditions, the decoder also provides a wealth of information on which essential oils to use for lips, wrinkles, neck, feet hands, dry skin, oily skin, facial skin and much more.

Essential oils are best applied externally. They can be put to use by way of massage, hot or cold compress, cosmetic lotion and baths, or via inhalation, which includes perfumes and incense.  

Wheel 1
Wheel 2
Wheel 3
Wheel 4
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Aromatherapy Decoder for Home Use Price: $19.95
Special: $14.95