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For Astrologers ....

Sun in Virgo
5 degrees
Moon in Aquarius
15 degrees
Waxing Gibbous Moon
Waxing Gibbous Moon
12 days old
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Books, CDs and DVDs


Most of the books that are kept in our store are either instructional books on using equipment that we sell (e.g., tuning forks or color therapy equipment) or are eBooks on various topics specific to Natures Energies. All of the topics on our menu of books make interesting reading and have a good feedback.


cdsMost of the CDs in our collection are used to assist those interested in creating the right evinment and ambience for meditation. Browse through our small but hand selected CDs to decide what is right for you.


dvdsThroughout our site, you will find a selection of DVDs which are included in courses, or are instructional on various self help skills or methods. The Qi Gong DVDs are particularly interesting and we have a good feedback on them.


softwareFollowing is a list of the various programs and software available through the Natures Energies web site.