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Pendants available through Natures Energies

Nature's Energies stock a variety of pendants, some with Feng Shui qualities such as protection, and others which are simply symbolic. View each of the pendants listed below.

Have a look at the new sacred geometry pendants after viewing the pendants on this page.

Feng Shui Pendants


Silver Chakra Jewellery Pendants

Silver Chakra Pendant "Perpetual Motion"
Pentacle Moonstone Pendant "Evening Magic"
Silver Chakra Pendant "Spiralling Energies" 
Triple Moonstone Pendant "Silver Rainbow"
"Endless Amethyst" Silver Pendant
Silver Chakra Pendant "Perpetual Bliss"

Feng Shui Pendants (Continued)

  Rose Quartz Pi Yao Necklace
  Bloodstone Oval Shaped Pendant With Chain
  Green Jade Tortoise Pendant with Chain
  Jade Chinese Dragon Pendant 

  Check out our new range of Chinese zodiac pendants. Click here for more details.
  Tai Chi Pakua Fengshui Pendant Necklace
  Fish for Abundance Pendant
  Jade Wulou Pendant with Rhodium Plated Chain
  Paua Shell Tortoise of Longevity Pendant with Rhodium Plated Chain
  Yin Yang Symbol Pendant
  Yellow Jade Ruyi And Bat Pendant With Necklace
  Jade Money Frog Pendant with Necklace
  Mini Golden Wu Lou with Kuanyin Image Amulet
  Jade Bat Biting Coin Necklace
  Polished Ammonite Fossil With Sterling Silver Pendant Holder
  Yellow Jasper Lantern Necklace
  Jade Ruyi Necklace
  Jade Bat With Coin Necklace
  Jade Lotus Flower Necklace
  Teardrop Shape Smoky Quartz Citrine Pendant with Chain
  Pearl Necklace

Pewter and Other Kinds of Pendants

All pewter pendants shown of this page use a high grade pewter alloy guaranteed to be free of lead. Pewter is typically 85-99% tin, with the remainder of the alloy being copper and antimony. The earliest piece of known pewter was found in an Egyptian tomb, dating from around 1450BC so pewter has been in use now for well over 3450 years.

Egyptian Ankh with Hieroglyphics Pentagram Amulet with Endless Celtic Knot Celtic Token Amulet  Circle of Protection Amulet 
Control Evil Spirits Amulet  Dragon's Claw Orb Talisman Dream Achievement Amulet  Egyptian Pharaoh's Amulet 
Enchanted Life Amulet  Endless Light Talisman  Enduring Will Amulet  Eye of Horus Amulet 
Ganesh Amulet Garden Pentagram Amulet Gnostic Amulet  Good Health Goddess
Guardians of the 4 Quarters  Harmony Talisman Joyful Life Amulet  Light Heart Amulet 
Lover`s Embrace Amulet Magical Talisman Make Lover Return Amulet  Mojo Coin
Moon Goddess Pendant  Ouroboros Pentagram Peace Symbol Pendant  Pleasure Fairy Amulet
Sacred Peace Amulet  Scholar's Blade Amulet Seal of Antiquelis Amulet Serenity Talisman
Shield of Protection Amulet Summer's Harvest Amulet  Travel Witch Talisman Triskle Pendant
Viking Protection Talisman Wild Horses Amulet Win in Court Amulet World Tree Amulet
Yin Yang I Ching Amulet Annapurna Sekhmet Pendant  Quan Yin Heart Pendant 
Dolphin Pendant  Wheel of Dharma Pendant Triquetra Symbol Pendant  Caduceus Pendant 
Tibetan Magic Knife Pendant Sevatius Pendant Triskele Shield Pendant  Senmuru Pendant 
Triquetra and Celtic Knot Pendant Celtic Om Pendant  Pentagram Moon Pendant  Round Pewter Greenman
Seal of Good Luck in Games of Chance Seal of Venus Provide Invisibility Amulet Luck Bound Amulet
Destroy all Evil Amulet Help Read Thoughts Amulet Discover Hidden Secrets Amulet Protect from Accidents Amulet
Win Male or Female of Choice Amulet Goddess Tear Amulet Mystic Triquetra Amulet Celebration Fairy Amulet
Love Light Amulet Sri Yantra Creativity and Enlightenment Amulet Irresistible Attraction Amulet Kundalini Harness Life Energy Amulet 
Mimbres Pottery Amulet All Seeing Eye Avert Evil Eye Amulet Mitsu Domo, Triple Protector Amulet 
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Silver Cat Pendant   Guardian Angel Pendant - Gold  Guardian Angel Pendant - Silver  Success Wealth and Long Life
 Longevity and Good Health      


Saints and Angel Pendants

Our Lady of Guadalupe Guardian Angel Saint Lazarus Saint Jude
Saint Joseph Saint Anthony Saint Martha  Saint Ignatius
Saint Christopher