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Silver Chakra Pendant "Perpetual Motion"

The Seven Major Chakras permeating from the Subtle Body. Each chakra is said to spin while there is life, thus the name "perpetual motion".

This pendant consists of a solid sterling silver (92.5%) chakra wheel with beautifully embedded chakra stones, giving the wearer an overall feel of royalty, peace and spiritual harmony.

Each of the tumbled semi-precious stones are affiliated with each of the 7 major chakras, unblocking and enhancing the wearer's hidden secret powers. The overall effect is one of  "perpetual motion".

The pendant is hand made and finished with a high end polish, giving an elegant shine of perfection.

You will be the envy and curiosity of all when you show this beautiful piece of jewellery off to the world!

Material Diameter (in/cm) Weight (ounces/grams) Chain Included? 
Sterling Silver and Semiprecious Stones 1.3 / 3.3 0.3 / 8 No
Silver Chakra Pendant "Perpetual Motion"
Silver Chakra Pendant "Perpetual Motion" Price: $99.95
Special: $61.95



"I am very happy with the "Perpetual Motion" pendant and I like it very much. I rate this with number 4" W Seel, Melbourne Australia