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Amulets, Charms and Pendants

What are Amulets

What is an amulet?

An amulet is simply a pendant, charm or object carried for protection from evil, illness or harm, or an object to bring good luck. Natures Energies stock a number of amulets, including the following;


Feng Shui Amulets

Pakua Mirror Amulet with 12 Zodiac Animals

Hang this Pakua Mirror Amulet in your car to dissolve shar chi or killing chi. It will ensure you reach your destination safe and sound. The Pakua will protect you against harm and help ward off bad chi that can bring accidents and injuries.




Three Coins Amulet With Mystic Knot

Place or hang the Three Coins Amulet with Mystic Knot in your wealth corner to attract auspicious money luck or any place you can think of; in you wallet/handbag - you will never run out of cash; on your share portfolios or account book - it will bring wealth and windfall luck; on your telephone of fax machine - sales will keep pouring in; on your cash box, cash registers or safe to ensure they are always loaded with money. Let your creativity flow.


Six Coins And Magic Golden Fan Amulet

This is a Six Chinese Coins amulet stringed with golden string and a Magic golden fan that is said to 'fan away' bad chi that brings misfortunes. Hang this Six Coins and Magic Golden Fan amulet in the Northwest sector of your home or office to activate mentor Luck or in the North to enhance career luck based on the Pakua's Eight Life Aspirations.



Vintage Plum Blossom Coin Amulet For Good Life

This item is ideal for people who lack the spirit or luck to be successful and to be somebody in life. The Plum Blossom Coin is said to boost one confidence and determination so that one will reach greater heights and achieve his aspirations, and therefore have a good life. People who often use this amulet are businessmen, salesmen, students, newly graduates, politicians etc. Carry this amulet in your handbags, briefcases or pockets. Hang it in the car, at the work place, in the bedroom, at the cashiers or on the doorknob.


Nanbu Wealth Lock Coin Amulet For Speculative Luck

People who often try their luck in lotteries, horse racing, stock market and football bets should own this amulet.




Vintage Feng Shui Lock Coin Amulet Wealth Magnifier

This Vintage Feng Shui Lock Coin is a specially designed amulet used by those who wish to magnify his wealth luck through speculative affairs such as horse racing and lotteries.

Carry this with you, or bind it with your share portfolios to maximise your luck.



Vintage Pakua Wulou Coin Amulet For Health

This Vintage Feng Shui Wulou Coin is a specially designed amulet used by those who wish to enhance his health luck and wealth luck as well as protection from harmful energies. All in all, a pretty good all rounder good luck amulet to carry along or hang in the house/car.



An amulet which can be worn as a pendant!

Mini Golden Wu Lou with Kuanyin Image Amulet

Wear the Wu Lou pendant to ensure good health and good luck is always by your side. You can also hang it in your car to absorb negative Chi and prevent bad things and harm from happening to you.




12 Horoscope Animals Pakua Amulet

Hang this Pakua Mirror Amulet in your car or outside your house to deflect shar chi or killing chi. It will ensure you reach your destination safe and sound. The Pakua will protect you against harm, and help ward off bad chi that can bring accidents and injuries.



Golden Prosperity Bat With Five Gold Coins Hanging

This is a Bat Amulet shown biting on a string of five coins. The five coins are interpreted as the representation of five blessings from heaven namely health, love, wealth, longevity and happiness.




Aventurine Crystal Pi Yao Protector

Ushers in wealth, attracts good luck, wards off evil, brings good Feng Shui, provides protection to the home and individuals, appeases the Grand Duke Jupiter of Tai Sui, and brings windfall luck. Click here to view other Pi Yao protectors that we stock.




Help Read Thoughts Amulet

This amulet aids its bearer in reading the thoughts of others and allowing their influence into the houses of others at will.







Obsidian Wu Lou For Health Tassel

The Obsidian Wulou Feng Shui Tassel will absorb negative Chi and prevent bad things and harm from happening to you. Hang it in your rearview mirror of your car, near the entrances of rooms or beside your bed. It will ensure good health and good luck is always by your side.



Luck Bound Amulet

Wrapped up in an elaborate tangle of Celtic knots without beginning and without end, this fantastic amulet displays a shamrock, an age-old symbol of good luck, at its center. Wear it to help find good luck or use it in your ritual crafts to empower a blessing of luck-everlasting.





Good Business Feng Shui Amulet Coin

This amulet coin promises good business with a plentiful harvest. Highly recommended for those who run his or her own business or who rely on sales to make a living.






Brass Eight Immortals Coins Amulet

The Eight Immortals Coins amulet is specially designed for Period 8 and especially potent as a wealth magnet because of its association with the lucky number 8. The number "8" is the reigning number of Period 8 (year 2004-2024), and therefore will be the luckiest number in this 20-year cycle.



Golden Bat Coin Amulet

You can hang this item anywhere in your house or office, or in the car to invite good fortune and wealth to everyone no matter what your horoscope sign is as well as to deflect negative energies.




Celtic Token Amulet

Call upon the power and magic of Celtic tradition with this delightful lead-free amulet set on a black leather thong. Measuring 2 1/4" in length, this slender amulet will serve as a connection to the Celts of legend and their long magical history.







Amulet of Healing Power

Use this amulet to attain the ability to heal rapidly, gaining knowledge of the medicines to be found in the plant and mineral kingdoms.







Circle of Protection Amulet

An ancient Mohammedan magic circle design for protection against harm.







Control Evil Spirits Amulet

Control Evil Spirits amulet protects health and well-being.








Provide Invisibility Amulet

This gold-finished amulet features the seal of the sun upon its front face, a source of power for invisibility spells and misdirection.







Love Angel

If you feel you don't have room for a little more love in your heart, then the love angel is an ideal remedy for you!





Dream Achievement Amulet

Reach for the stars and achieve your dreams with the aid of this symbolic and powerful amulet.







Egyptian Pharaoh's Amulet

This amulet imparts the majesty of the great god-king Ramses upon all aspects of your life.







Enchanted Life Amulet

This detailed butterfly winged fairy amulet was designed and charged to evoke a sense of enchantment in your life.







Enduring Will Amulet

A slumbering fairy lies curled within a pomegranate husk awaiting her transformation into a powerful earth spirit. Let this amulet aid you in your transformation, slowly but steadily creating an enduring strength within you, the power of the earth and time.







Eye of Horus Amulet

Rooted in an ancient symbol of strength and wisdom, this amulet is for spiritual guidance, protection and insight.








Discover Hidden Secrets Amulet

Marked with the names of Angels and a magical seal, this amulet enables its possessor to penetrate hidden and forbidden places unseen. Measuring 1 1/8" in diameter, this amulet comes on a black satin cord.







Ganesh Amulet

This wonderful amulet presents the image of the Hindu God of Happiness, known to be the remover of obstacles that are in one's life path.










Gnostic Amulet

The symbols on this amulet give the wearer good health, love, strength, wealth, as well as protection from evil.









Garden Pentagram Amulet

An ideal gift for the keen gardener! This amulet is intended as an aid in the promotion and protection of any gardening endeavour, bringing the elements needed for successful growth.







Guardians of the 4 Quarters

Allow this amulet to protect you and keep you safe within the circle at all times.









Make Lover Return Amulet

An ancient Egyptian; surrounded by radiant forces, calling out for their lover to return.








Sacred Peace Amulet

Use this amulet to help instil a deep and resounding peace within yourself and the world around you.








Chung Kwei Amulet

For protection from evil spirits, demons, ghosts, enemies, robberies and theft.








Nazar Boncuk (the Evil Eye)
and the Seven Glass Elephants

Use the Evil Eye and the string of 7 elephants for protections and to achieve a successful outcome in all of your endeavours.