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For Astrologers ....

Sun in Virgo
13 degrees
Moon in Gemini
12 degrees
Third Quarter Moon
Third Quarter Moon
21 days old
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Astrology Reference Chat  Astrology Reference Chart

Explains each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. A very useful reference to have on hand. 
Music Therapy by the Stars  Music Therapy by the Stars

80 selected works are classified according to their affinity with the signs of the zodiac. Each star sign divides into five sections: music for relaxation, work, meditation, energy or simply to enjoy. Three special pieces of music have been linked to the sections. If you are an Aquarian and are looking for a meditative composition, simply turn the dial to Aquarius and take note. On the other hand, if you are a Taurus and need inspiration, rotate the dial on page one and let the Decoder guide you. 


Examine your own free horoscope or pay to have your own personalised chart drawn up, and analysed by Deborah Fenlon-Browning (Yahoo award winning astrologer).

Click here here for more details.

Celtic Astrology

Celtic Astrology  Celtic Astrology Wall Chart

Celtic astrology is based on a year being divided into 13 lunar months, with each month being represented by a sacred tree, a letter from the Ogham alphabet, a guardian animal and a Celtic god. Use the chart to determine your own personal Celtic zodiac sign.
Celtic Astrology Decoder  Celtic Astrology Decoder

The decoder provides all information as well as a detailed character analysis for each of the 13 personality types.

It is especially interesting to compare the Celtic moon cycles with the traditional zodiac sun cycle, a task made easy using this decoder. Just spin the four wheels in the decoder and enjoy the Ancient Druids Wisdom. 

Moon Astrology

Moon Astrology  Moon Astrology Decoder

Everybody knows their sun sign, but are you aware of your moon sign and the influences that it has on your everyday life?

Chinese Astrology 

Chinese Year of Birth Zodiac Cards   Twelve Chinese Horoscope Animals With Coin Talisman   Tai Sui Horoscope Protective Coin  
Chinese Year of Birth Zodiac Cards  Twelve Chinese Horoscope Animals With Coin Talisman  Tai Sui Horoscope Protective Coin 
Hanging 12 Chinese Zodiac Pakua Amulet  
Amulets for Protection 1 Amulets for Protection 2
Amulets for Protection 3 Amulets for Protection 4
Chinese Zodiac Pendants
Hanging 12 Chinese Zodiac Pakua Amulet  Amulets for Protection  Chinese Zodiac Pendants