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Full Moon
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Bagua Plaque Lucky Charm - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
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Bagua Plaque Lucky Charm

This tassel is shown on one side with 12 Chinese zodiac sign animals surrounding a round mirror. On the other side it has eight trigrams marked around a tigers head. It's tied with a mystic knot, in addition a plaque.

Material Length Width Weight (lbs/g)
Metal 28 cm 4.5 cm 0.043 / 20

Bagua Plaque Round Bagua Plaque Rectangle Bagua Plaque hole in middle Bagua Plaque Rectangle
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Bagua Plaque Lucky Charm Price: $12.95
Special: $7.95


Bagua Plaque Lucky Charm
Bagua Plaque Lucky Charm


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