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Jade Lucky Pig For Prosperity Hanging

The Lucky Pig for Prosperity Hanging is a cute petite piece, made from jade. It is accented with decorative beads and a mystic knot

In Chinese customs, pigs have always been regarded as an auspicious symbol of good wealth luck and abundance! The pig is also a symbol of fertility. Carry it all the time with you to attract lots of prosperity luck. You can hang it on your mobile or handbag.

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Material Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (lbs/g)
Jade Green Jade 0.5x0.3125x0.375, Length 4 / 1.3x0.8x1, 10 0.01 / 5

Jade Lucky Pig For Prosperity Hanging Price: $12.95
Special: $9.95


Jade Lucky Pig For Prosperity Hanging
Jade Lucky Pig For Prosperity Hanging

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