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A range of high quality pendulums are available though Natures Energies, including the Galileo pendulum, and the Solid Brass Precision Pendulum. We also carry Pendulum Wheels, including a food sensitivity and a relationships wheel.

Galileo Pendulum Kit

In the early sixteenth century, the great astronomer/physicist Galileo Galilei observed the swinging motion of a large chandelier in the Pisa cathedral. He began serious observations of the pendulum, and recorded that the period of the pendulum is independent of the mass of the bob, or the amplitude of the swing. He also observed a direct relationship between the square of the period and the length of the arm.

The work that Galileo did in observing the motion of the pendulum led to such inventions as the metronome to aid timing for musical students, and the mechanical clock, which was not only more accurate, but also replaced the hourglass.

We are more than 400 years beyond the beginnings of scientifically defined pendulum motion, and now days it has many uses for the keen observer.

In recognition of the great astronomer/physicist, the Galileo Pendulum Kit has been crafted.

The Galileo pendulum kit features the following;

  1. A perfectly balanced pendulum
  2. Easy to follow instructions
  3. Four easy to use pendulum charts
Galileo Pendulum Kit


Galileo Pendulum Kit Price: $29.95
Special: $24.75




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Solid Brass Precision Pendulum

The Solid Brass Precision Pendulum comes with a card complete with detailed instructions. The pendulum itself is distinct, and has a sense of elegence, and will inspire the beginner, as well as the experienced.

Where Science meets the mystical!

The Solid Brass Precision Pendulum;

  • Knows the future
  • Finds lost objects
  • Requires no skills
  • Astonishes and amazes
  • Connects to the unknown

For those simply looking for a quality pendulum without all the bells and whistles! Satisfaction guaranteed.

"I bought the pendulum for my daughter. She was very pleased with it as it was what she had been looking for , for some time as it has the weight and look she wanted" H Dominikovic QLD Australia 


Solid Brass Precision Pendulum Price: $24.95
Special: $14.95




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Crystal Pendulum

Crystal Pendulum
Crystal PendulumsThe crystal pendulum comes with a velvet pouch
A pendulum can be used as a tool to connect your conscious mind to the subconscious. This can help you make choices that affect your everyday life.

How To Use Your Pendulum:
  1. Draw a straight line on a sheet of paper.
  2. Suspend the pendulum over the line. With a relaxed focused mind, concentrate on the pendulum willing it to move along the line. If it doesn't work the first time, don't give up but try again.
  3. Repeat the exercise using a circle drawn on piece of paper. Again using the pendulum, power your mind to move pendulum first clockwise and then anticlockwise.
  4. By doing this, you are using the power of your subconscious mind to program your pendulum to rotate clockwise for a yes answer and anticlockwise for a no answer.
  5. You are now ready to use your pendulum after several repeated practices. All questions should require yes and no answers only.
Crystal Pendulum Price: $19.95
Special: $12.95


Pendulum Wheels

Food Sensitivity Pendulum Wheel

Food sensitivity is a problem becoming more and more prevalent in our society, especially in children. It is the negative reaction of the body to food or food groups, that may or may not be related to the body's immune system, or to food poisoning.

The food sensitivity pendulum wheel can be used as a tool to measure the potential, or indicative reaction of the body to a specific food, or food group. The wheel of course does not replace the advice of your doctor, but is a useful indicative tool. The wheel is a useful addition to each of the pendulum kits shown above, to create a complete kit.

The food sensitivity pendulum wheel comes coated in a protective plastic film, making it a durable tool which will last users for years.

Card Size: 7 7/8 x 6 1/8" (20 x 15.5 cm)

Thank you for your wonderful service.  I received my order quickly and am very satisfied with the quality of the product.
(Edmonds, WA)
Food Sensitivity Pendulum Wheel Price: $6.95
Special: $5.95


Relationship Pendulum Wheel

This chart allows you to access the balance and compatibility of energetic or auric fields.

It may be utilised to assess the energies between many types of relationships, including:

  • friends
  • family members
  • employees/boss
  • lovers
  • potential lovers
  • countries to reside / travel in
  • businesses 

Card Size: 7 7/8 x 6 1/8" (20 x 15.5 cm)

Relationship Pendulum Wheel Price: $6.95
Special: $5.95




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Front Side

Reverse Side 

Multiple Pendulum Chart 

This chart contains charts for:

  • Food Suitabilities
  • Deficiency and Excess Chart
  • Colours and Rays
  • Dr Bach Charts (Flower Essences)
  • Emotional Psychological Charts (Negative states indicating)
  • Emotional Psychological Charts (positive states indicating or to embrace)
  • Shock - pre natal/natal / post natal
  • Gem Essences

A fascinating practitioner tool to uncover hidden aspects within your own personality or a fascinating insight into your patients in any natural health clinic.

Use regularly to 'stay in touch' with your inner world and move through life with grace and harmony.

In your mind, achieve a clear response for "yes" and "no".
Then utilise this chart to determine sensitivities / states / questions
Name the food / supplement /essences / emotional state in question.
OR: allow the pendulum to indicate underlying emotional states that are causing disharmony within you / your patient
Sitting with your question, begin to swing your pendulum in a circular motion to
begin the process.
It will swing towards the appropriate number / state on your chart.
Utilising your "yes" & "no" answers - double check if this is correct

Card Size: A4 size chart - laminated for durability - will last for years - double sided with instructions on the back sheet 

Multiple Pendulum Chart Price: $8.90