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Colour Light Therapy (Chromotherapy) Resources and Equipment - 4.6 out of 5 based on 38 votes
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Color Therapy

Color Therapy Resources and Equipment

Color therapy (also known as chromotherapy) is an exciting new form of healing brought forward from the Atlantean teachings, and is complimentary to such modalities as kinesiology, acupuncture and other natural healing modalities.

Our range of products which are offered to new and experienced "chromotherapists" include;

An Introduction to Colour Energy || Colour Energy || Color Therapy Lights || Crystal Light Balancing and Chromotherapy Workbook || Color Therapy Charts || Color Therapy Information Decoder Wheels || Chromotherapy Torches || Chromotherapy Correspondence Course || Crystal light Balancing Essences || Color Therapy Glasses || Color Therapy and Musical Equivalent Charts || Photon Biolight Torch || Baker-Miller Pink Color Therapy Glasses || Special Packages

Refraction of light through a prism revealing the basic colors
The colors from which white light is constituted can be observed by refracting the light through a prism.
The Divine Self
The Divine Self


Chromotherapy is a therapeutic science which has been used by many races for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used specially built solarium rooms with different colored glasses. The sun would shine through the colored glass onto the patient to achieve specific therapeutic benefits. Others used different colored silk clothes to filter varying shades of light onto their bodies. There is also evidence of others using colored waters and colored gels to achieve the same results.

These days, many natural therapists are using chromotherapy on their patients in interesting ways. They report success in recovery of stroke victims, and in others who have chronic depression. In the United States, chromotherapy is being recognised as a complimentary system to other therapies and treatments.

One interesting announcement made by CNN recently discusses application of blue light to the backs of the knees to adjust the body clock, thus overcoming jet lag, and the problems associated with shift work.

How and why chromotherapy works

The Earth, our continents, oceans, in fact every living thing depends on light to be able to exist. Recent scientific evidence suggests that light is in fact emitted by every cell in our bodies. We live in a sea of energy where color is working within us. It shines with in our divine self, and radiates upon us from the sun. Research and observation has shown us that specific colors bring balance to our physical and emotional systems. Chromotherapy can easily be used as an alternative to Chinese acupuncture, achieving the same results in unblocking meridians without the discomfort of needles used in acupuncture.

Auric Healing Color wheel

Auric Healing Color Wheel

Examine the Auric Healing Color wheel in the picture to the left from around 30cm up to 5 feet away, gazing into the center of the wheel.

Soon the pattern will begin to move and reflect with your auric colors.

Your auric color(s) may change due to many effects, including healing, negative situations, emotional states, and as we progress on our life path, we may progress through events and develop a new state of being.

Therapists: It is excellent to have your patients stare at this wheel and explain the colors to you before and after a healing. They will generally notice some differences which you may explain to them as the energies becoming more harmonious.

Let us have a look at some of the colors, and their effects on our bodies;


Regulates the pituitary gland, fights depression, bulimia, and other psychosomatic conditions affecting the gastric system. It is useful in calming the nervous system, fights irritability, insomnia and can be used to assist in recovery from nervous breakdowns.



Calming. Stimulates the parasympathetic system, reduces blood pressure and calms both breathing and heart-rate. It has anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing effects. Fights both physical and mental tension and is used to assist in relaxation.



Is used to energise and stimulate. Affects the heart by increasing pulse rate, and the muscles by increasing their tension. Influences vitality, and increases body temperature. Can be used to develop excitement and sensuality.



Increases neuromuscular tone. Purifies blood, helps digestion, and has a cleansing effect. Strongly stimulates happiness, brings on a sense of security, as well as a strong feeling of well-being.



Used for regeneration. Also, provides energy and balances the chronobiological rhythm, by stimulating the production of serotonin, a substance which regulates both sleep and the nervous system. Rebalances the psychophysical and hormonal systems in people who suffer from seasonal depression.

Color Therapy Lights

One remotely controlled light box delivering healing harmonized photonic light in 12 different colors!

chromotherapy lightbox colors

Chromotherapy Color Therapy LightsThe Natures Energies Chromotherapy Light Box is second to no other chromotherapy light delivery system, in that it utilizes a harmonizer to adjust light to a healing wavelength safe for bodily organs. No need for precise color wavelength for healing frequncy in this system; just select the color and bath in the light fo 20-40 minutes to receive the healing benefits of chromotherapy as described.

Probably the best thing about the Color Therapy Lights is that there is no requirement to change filtration gels (which often don't match precise frequency requirements anyhow). There is only the one lightbox, and you select any color of the rainbow using your easy to use remote control.

Click here to read more about this unique moderately priced, powerful color therapy system.

Chromotherapy Light Box
Includes multicolor Lightbox, Power Supply and Remote Control
Price: $359.95
Special: $275.00
Sale price ending soon!


Chromotherapy Torch

A stunning new healing modality tool, these specially designed color tools are of the highest quality, specifically made with integrity for use by natural therapists. They come complete with batteries, a clip to attach the tool to a pocket when working, a hard case in which to keep them and a complete set of interchangeable color discs to allow the light to flow through the crystal in the different colors. The set now includes extra color discs for use with the Chakric system at no extra cost (seven in total as shown in photo). The Advanced Color Discs are optionally available as an additional set of discs with additional healing qualities. Changing and working with the color discs is a simple procedure.
Chromotherapy torch with quartz crystal tip
Chromotherapy Torch


The chromotherapy torch Kit
The chromotherapy torch comes presented in a hand made wooden box complete with color discs, batteries, spare halogen globe and instructions.
The crystal tips used in the torch are of natural, uncut and unpolished Australian quartz crystals, double terminated and organic crystals whenever possible, hand selected for their energies, and ease of refraction. The globe is halogen to produce perfect white light thus ensuring your colors are not distorted for effective healing. A perfect tool for kinesiologists and natural therapists to use in their clinics and healing practices.

Each torch comes with a replacement bulb situated in the tail end of the torch. Should you ever be in that rare circumstance where you require another replacement bulb, Natures Energies can provide them. Click here for more information.

How the torch is used

The torch comes with instructions, although it is recommended that the workbook be studied firstly for an understanding of the benefits available through Chromotherapy.

By placing the appropriate color disc in the torch, and either running this color along the appropriate meridian, or holding it over the appropriate acupressure holding points, energy will be assisted to flow through these areas and balance will be achieved. Kinesiologists may muscle test which points are out of balance to determine where the torch is needed. For best results, consider using the acupuncture pen to accurately locate acupuncture meridian points. There are also essences as well as negative and positive emotions which are associated with each meridian, and by locating these you will add depth and strength to your balance. Please refer to the Crystal Light Balancing Workbook for further information. This referral is also necessary for those who do not know where the meridians are located on the body as well as locating a wide range of emotional imbalances that could be creating deeper concerns for your patient.

If you would like to upgrade your color discs or packaging from earlier versions of the chromotherapy torch, please click here.

Dimension (cm) Weight (oz/g)
Packaged: 24 x 7 x 5
Torch: 12.8 x 1.8
Crystal Tip with Sleeve: 4 (varies up to 6cm) x 2
Packaged: 3.9 / 111
Torch: 1.8 / 50
Crystal Tip with Sleeve: 0.3 / 9
Chromotherapy Torch

Price: $225.00
Special: $199.00

Sale price ending soon.


  • Is this the new and improved disc version?

    Thursday, 03 September 2015
    The chromotherapy torch purchased by itself comes with the basic set of 7 color filters needed for chromotherapy. If you want the improved version, we recommend that you purchase the chromotherapy torch along with the Chromotherapy Torch Advanced Color Discs shown below on this page.
    Hits :  19
  • Can you deliver this item in South Africa?

    Wednesday, 23 April 2014
    Yes we do deliver to South Africa. When you add the items that you are purchasing to your shopping cart, and you select your postage options, you will see South Africa in the list of countries that we send to.
    Hits :  91
  • The crystal tip of the torch doesn't appear to be a perfect crystal. Why is this?

    Tuesday, 04 February 2014
    We often receive enquiry from many customers who have purchased the chromotherapy torch, regarding the crystal tip. The crystal tip that is at the end of your torch is a natural quartz crystal that has been hand selected by Lesley Mitchell, the developer of the chromotherapy torch. For this reason, there are chips and distortions in the crystal that often lead to enquiry. Some are double crystals, others are very small and some are quite sharp, all being natural in their form, but each one is actually tested by Lesley before being assembled. The natural crystals deliver the photons far better than a synthetic crystal which would be much better in appearance but would not give the delivery impact of a natural crystal.
    Hits :  501
  • The crystal point easily comes completely away from the plastic piece into which the disks are inserted.

    Tuesday, 04 February 2014
    With the crystal coming away from the sleeve, this is only possible if you have pulled on the crystal, a common mistake made by many! There are warning instructions on top of the torch that say you must never do this, and that you should only pull on the sleeve that houses the crystal. However, if it has been removed, it can easily be repaired by yourself by placing a very small amount of household glue along the edge of the silicone, being sure not to get any on the bottom of the silicone. It is best to do this by placing the glue with a cotton bud tip just where the silicone meets the crystal, around the edge of the silicone. You then place it back in the sleeve, and there should never be a problem again.
    Hits :  322
  • I would like to know more about the specs...what are the wavelengths and nanometers, etc.

    Tuesday, 04 February 2014
    We don't have the specifications for the wavelengths of the filters available. I have previously asked the developer/manufacturer for the information, but they were reluctant to give the information as they are accurate frequencies which work. I believe they hold this information closely for fear of others copying their technology. We have sold the torch now for over 15 years and always receive positive feedback about how effective it is as a chromotherapy device.
    Hits :  376
  • Do the torches come with a battery? Or do I need to purchase one?

    Tuesday, 04 February 2014
    The torch includes the 2 Duracell batteries.
    Hits :  239
  • With the torch being battery operated - is there an alert to indicate when batteries need to be replaced?

    Tuesday, 04 February 2014
    With regard to the batteries, we usually find that the torch lasts a long time - usually 3-6 months if you use Duracell batteries to run your torch (they come supplied). There is no LED suggesting when batteries are weakening - they do generally diminish quickly when on the decline. If you store your torch for a long time without using the torch, we recommend that you remove the batteries.
    Hits :  222
  • Can I use the torch on animals?

    Tuesday, 04 February 2014
    Yes as long as you are familiar with meridian systems in animals you can treat them using the chromotherapy torch.
    Hits :  391
  • Some of the light filter discs have paper protective covers on both sides. How do I remove them?

    Tuesday, 04 February 2014
    Some of the discs come covered with a paper surface that can easily be removed - if not please do so by soaking the discs in water. The discs are not inferior but custom made to exact light frequencies.
    Hits :  315

I am very pleased with the products I purchased: Chromotherapy Torch & Chromotherapy Torch Advanced Color Healing Discs. They are adding a lot to my holistic approach to health and the work with the clients in my private practice:De PijnKliniek Anna Huysse-Gaytandjieva The Netherlands
Feedback Star

I have been very pleased with my chromotherapy torch purchase. The service you provided in getting it to the UK so quickly deserves a resounding 5!! I am really pleased. I am a Health Kinesiologist and using the torch has come up as part of the treatment for each client I have worked on since receiving it. I have also worked on my family and myself and had very good results. Many thanks for supplying such a good service. Christine Taylor Kinesiologist, U.K.
Feedback Star

Crystal Light Balancing and Chromotherapy Workbook

Highly recommended for those requiring instruction on use of the Chromotherapy Torch.

Explore the fascinating healing modality of color through this A4 work book. Understand the Chinese five elements; how they work with us and the colors they embody. Discover the energy flow to particular organs that relate to each of these colors. Emotions that create imbalances in the body and the colors to balance out each of these emotions. Utilise crystal pendulums, acupressure holding points and meridians in the body to determine which energy flows are imbalanced. Learn about the seasons which relate to each of these five elements and the changes in our lives that accompany each of these times. Explore the healing properties attributed to each of the colors. Circular polarisation of light through crystals and the movement of cleansing these energy blocks, color therapy through meridians, comprehensive emotional states leading to imbalances and a deep form of natural healing to cleanse these imbalances. This book is designed to enhance treatments of natural therapists and also to enable those that have had no prior experience a working understanding of a natural form of healing they will be able to use.
62 Pages

CLB Workbook
Workbook Topics
  • Introduction
  • Color therapy and the five elements
  • Using the book without special training
  • Qi Flow
  • Acupressure Holding Points
  • Gem Essences
  • Emotions
  • Meridians & Acupressure Holding Points:
  • Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Green Elements
  • Red Color
  • Yellow Color
  • White Color
  • Blue Color
  • Green Color
  • Color Therapy Torches/Circular Polarization
  • Using Your Crystal Pendulum
  • Programming Your Pendulum
  • Emotions/Corrections
  • For practitioners utilizing Pendulums
  • For practitioners utilizing Kinesiology
  • Color Correction Sheets:
  • Central
  • Governing
  • Small Intestine
  • Triple Warmer
  • Heart
  • Circulation Sex/Pericardium
  • Stomach
  • Spleen
  • Lung
  • Large Intestine
  • Kidney
  • Bladder
  • Gall Bladder
  • Liver
  • Meridian Checking Points Diagram
  • Checking Points for Acupressure Holding Points
  • Procedure Flow Chart
  • Crystal Light Balancing Certificate Courses
  • About The Workshops
  • Products Available
Crystal Light Balancing and Chromotherapy Workbook


Price: $24.95

Crystal Light Balancing and Chromotherapy Workbook (eBook Version)


Price: $24.95


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Chromotherapy Torch Advanced Color Discs

The advanced color discs are designed to complement the healing properties available to practitioners using the standard set of color discs which come with the chromotherapy torch. Six discs are available presented in the set. The healing properties of each disc can be viewed by clicking here. Each of the discs are made from a durable Perspex material measuring approx. 3mm thick.

To use the discs you can pendulum, dowse or muscle test the most appropriate method of use for them. However most therapists usually apply the appropriate color light into the forehead/third eye chakra region and allow the energies to filter down throughout the body.

Chromotherapy Torch Advanced Color Healing Discs

Price: $79.95




    No registered questions. Click the Ask a New Question button above if you have any questions relating to this product.

Chromotherapy Torch Advanced Color Healing Discs

Photon Biolight Torch

Click here to read about the Photon Biolight Torch, an amazing color therapy device for your face and body skin which uses red and blue LEDs to;

  • Lighten spots
  • Minimise pores
  • Firms skin
  • Reduces dark circles
  • Controls acne and kills acne bacteria
  • Removes facial redness
  • Nourishes and moisturises skin
  • Relieves color spots and age pigment
  • Smoothes over fine lines and minimises pores
  • Enhances blood and lymph circulation
  • Promotes collagen and cellular activity
  • Improves skins activity and toughness
  • Reduces and removes acne scars
Photon Biolight Torch
I have been using it for two weeks and received a compliment this morning on my skin. It really does look more vital. I am a skin care professional and am using phototherapy on my clients. I am very excited to see these results in my own skin. Thank you so much, I have shared your website with others and will continue to shop with you. Leslyn Z. Colorado, USA   Feedback Star 

Chromotherapy Correspondence Course



Color therapy course - become an accredited CLB practitioner.Learn the art of healing through color therapy - a natural therapy skill which will enrich your ability to align energy centres to achieve balance and well being. The course is designed for both practitioners and beginners alike.

The Crystal Light Balancing Correspondence Course instructs in an enlightening and fascinating modality of healing brought forward from Atlantean teachings, using kinesiology, chromotherapy, gem essences, and circular polarisation of energy through crystals. Students will work with a client to locate and balance energy flow disturbances to the 14 major organs in the body. Locate and balance emotions which create the energy blockage. Have a working knowledge of Chinese 5 element theory, chi energy flow, color associated with each of the organs and the healing properties of each color. Also gain knowledge on 18 of the gem essence remedies, and learn how to perform accurate muscle tests (commonly used by kinesiologists) to improve your diagnostic skills. You will be able to practice professionally by the end of this course if so desired.

CD Course contains: Crystal light balancing and chromotherapy workbook in eBook form as well as the complete course presented on DVDs. Your eBook files are on a CD which can easily be read on your computer, and it also contain test papers (may be printed out and posted back or submitted via email or online), kinesiology diagrams (to assist your muscle testing skill), crystal light balancing flow charts, meridian charts and acupressure checking points chart, as well as brochures. You will also find your unique authorization code on the eBook (for accrediting your hours towards further certificates/diplomas if required). Note: You will need to buy the Chromotherapy Torch to effectively work with this system of healing.

The crystal light balancing correspondence course is presented over 2 DVDs, and includes notes and test papers in a glossy A5 box.

Front Cover || Back Cover

At the completion of the course, students are required to return their test papers, along with a security code number (found inside the kit) as well as a donation to the college for marking the test papers (any amount large or small is accepted). The test papers are then marked and returned with their certificate and their results are recorded with Renascent, The International College of Intuitive Sciences and The International College of Gem Essences for accreditation.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

Generally, the course can be completed in several days, depending on the time you allocate each day. The 2 DVDs consist of 280 mins of video lectures. If you were to allocate an evening to studying each of the 2 DVDs, and then several evenings to reading the workbook, you could complete it in one week. If you need to go over the material again, it could take another week. At the end of the course, you are required to complete a 2 hour test, which comes with the course.

Is this course accredited and will I be able to practice professionally?

The Crystal Light Balancing Correspondence Course is accredited, and when you receive your certificate you will be qualified to practice color therapy.

The course is recognised by "Renascent", "The International College of Intuitive Sciences" (ICIS), "The International College of Gem Essences" (ICGE), "The International Institute for Complementary Therapists" (IICT), OAMPS Insurance Brokers and Insurance House (allowing you to purchase an inexpensive practitioner insurance policy internationally as part of a group buying power if desired).

Example: If you live for instance in Australia, with IICT membership (International Institute of Complementary therapists), you may also apply to "The Australian Traditional Medical Society" (ATMS) as a practitioner as a member of these societies you may be eligible to be supplied with a health provider number. With IICT registration, this will also allow you to purchase a bulk discounted OAMPS package if required (around $120 year).

Insurance House (underwritten by Lloyds of London) allows you to receive a discounted price (as part of a bulk package) with the certificate that qualifies you as a practitioner.

With your certification, (some companies may require a provider number) you will be able to provide a receipt for your patients, which will allow them to receive a rebate should they have private health cover that recognises the modalities you are qualified in (this varies between insurance companies).

Crystal Light Balancing Correspondence Course

Price: $140.00
Special: $136.95


  • I am wanting to take complete the course but only have iPhones. Can we complete the course on only an iPhone? Also what happens if the exam is failed?

    Thursday, 17 July 2014
    As long as you can listen to the CDs on your computer or on a sound system, and as long as you have a printer everything should be fine. The exam papers come on a CD, and you will need a printer to print the exam papers from a file on the CD. After you have done that, you complete the exam papers manually and send them for marking. It is very unlikely that you would fail the exam but should you fail you would be asked to repeat it.
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Note: The Crystal Light Balancing Essences have been relocated to here.

Color Therapy Glasses

Color Therapy Glasses

Expose your body to the color frequency needed to bring it back into a balanced state while going about your daily tasks. Simply wear the glasses for 10-30 minutes a day (up to 60 minutes), in the color which corresponds to the results you desire.

Color Therapy Glasses
New improved design has a maximum color delivery that has proven popular with many customers.

Emotions and moods can be affected by the use of color. Each color's vibration is associated with different attributes and qualities. One method of utilizing color to alter your mood or emotion is to wear color therapy glasses, looking at the world through "rose colored glasses", if you will (or green colored or yellow colored of violet colored, etc). The color of the light entering your body is concentrated in one spectrum. The mood or emotions associated with that color are enhanced, causing a shift in that direction.

Wear them inside or outside the house. Be careful - some of the dark colors may make things hard to see.

Important Note:  Before wearing these colored glasses to drive, be sure they do not change the color of the traffic lights or brake lights. People's vision is different so we cannot say which ones are safe for driving.
Also the darker colors may make objects hard to see.

Provide 95% UVB and 60% UVA protection. Uni-colored plastic frames. Color Therapy Eyeglasses come with a rubber piece on the arms to help secure them on your head.

Colors shown top to bottom include Magenta, Aqua (turquoise), Indigo, Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.


LENS: 64 mm X 40 mm (~2 1/2" X ~1 1/2" ); HINGE TO HINGE: 133 mm (~5 1/4" )


ASSOCIATED WITH: Balancing of emotions, for both the over and under emotional.

REPORTED BENEFITS: Relaxation, balancing emotions.

ASSOCIATED WITH: Soothing feeling, purity, calmness.

REPORTED BENEFITS: Loving expressiveness.

ASSOCIATED WITH: Serenity, stillness, understanding, imagination.

REPORTED BENEFITS: Accurate perception, greater intuition and awareness.

ASSOCIATED WITH: Creativity, beauty, inspiration.

REPORTED BENEFITS: Selflessness, generosity, enhanced artistic ability.

ASSOCIATED WITH: Communication, personal expression, decisiveness.

REPORTED BENEFITS: Clear communication, confidence in speaking, mental relaxation.

ASSOCIATED WITH: Peace, love, harmony.

REPORTED BENEFITS: Rest, relaxation, calmness, stress reduction.

ASSOCIATED WITH: Cheerfulness, mental clarity, inspiration, stimulating curiosity and interest.

REPORTED BENEFITS: Easing of depression, greater self-esteem, empowerment, confidence.

ASSOCIATED WITH: Resourcefulness, sociability, happiness, success.

REPORTED BENEFITS: Social confidence, joyfulness, enjoyable relationships, expanded interests and activities.

ASSOCIATED WITH: Vitality, self-confidence, feeling of security and safety, courage, power.

REPORTED BENEFITS: Energy, confidence, settled-ness, feeling of safety and security. May raise your blood pressure and generate body heat. Wear red only for a short time.
Color Therapy Glasses - Complete set of 9 Great Savings Best Value ....
Great Savings!
Color Therapy Glasses

Price: $132.50

Color Therapy Glasses - Magenta Color Therapy Glasses - Magenta

Price: $19.95

Color Therapy Glasses - Aqua (Turquoise) Aqua (Turquoise) Glasses

Price: $19.95

Color Therapy Glasses - Indigo Indigo Glasses

Price: $19.95

Color Therapy Glasses - Violet (Purple) Violet (Purple) Glasses

Price: $19.95

Color Therapy Glasses - Blue Blue Glasses

Price: $19.95

Color Therapy Glasses - Green Green Glasses

Price: $19.95

Color Therapy Glasses - Yellow Yellow Glasses

Price: $19.95

Color Therapy Glasses - Orange Orange Glasses

Price: $19.95

Color Therapy Glasses - Red Red Glasses

Price: $19.95


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Baker-Miller Pink Color Therapy Glasses

In 1979, Alexander G. Schauss, Ph.D, experimented with the use of a particular shade of pink and its affect on mood and behavior. He called the color Baker-Miller Pink. It was found that this pink color was associated with a short-term decrease in aggression. Subsequent experiments also found that this shade of pink could also act as a natural appetite suppressant.

Baker-Miller Pink Color Therapy Glasses

Click here to read a Summary of Dr. Alexander G. Schauss' Work as Reported In The Physiological Effect of Color on the Suppression of Human Aggression: Research on Baker-Miller Pink. Click here to view the color Baker-Miller pink to see how it affects you.

Baker-Miller Pink Color Therapy Glasses

Price: $24.95


    No registered questions. Click the Ask a New Question button above if you have any questions relating to this product.

Mood Rings Mood Ring

New Mood Rings

A Color for Every Mood .....

Available in 4 sizes through Natures Energies for only

Price: $9.95
Special: $2.95

Click here for for more information or to place your order.

Have a look at the Mood Ring Color Interpretation Chart to determine what your mood ring is saying about you!


Color Therapy Books

Color Therapy Glasses

An Introduction to COLOUR ENERGY By Inger Naess

This 18 page booklet by Inger Naess gives you an overview of the why and how behind color therapy, including the theory behind it. She explains color therapy vibration. Color is really light split into different wave lengths which vibrate at different speeds and frequencies.

Colors are wave lengths of energy. Colors appear because an object will either reflect or absorb different wavelengths. A white object reflects all colors and absorbs none. Black objects absorb all colors and reflect none. A green object absorbs all colors except green.

Chakras are our body's energy centers. If these energy centers are out of balance, we may become ill or our emotions may be affected. Each color has a corresponding energy center and can be used to bring it back into balance.

In this booklet, Inger Naess discusses each color and its associations, area it may help and when to use it.

This booklet is written by lnger Naess, founder of Colour Energy, Norway. For several years, lnger studied, in depth, the history of colour and the effects of colour on people. An Introduction to Colour Energy discusses how each colour can affect you physically, mentally or emotionally. The booklet expresses the author's point of view on Colour Energy and colour therapy, and it is not intended to replace professional medical advice and care.

An Introduction to COLOUR ENERGY

Price: $12.95


    No registered questions. Click the Ask a New Question button above if you have any questions relating to this product.

Colour Energy Booklet
An Introduction to COLOUR ENERGY Booklet (Click to Enlarge)
Colour Energy Booklet - Reverse Side
Reverse Side of Booklet
(Click to Enlarge)
Colour Energy Booklet - Sample Page
Sample Page
(Click to Enlarge)


Colour Energy By Inger Naess

This is a 192 page hardbound comprehensive book about color therapy. Its pages are filled with information. It thoroughly covers the seven chakra colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). It is simply a beautiful book that you will treasure.

The book goes into each color in depth, covering these topics:

  • Chakra, Organs and Glands - Which energy center, organs and glands does the color associate with?
  • Why you are a certain color, that is, what characteristics you have which relate to that color
  • Health - Concerns and benefits
  • Sex - How you relate
  • Money and Success - What it means to you
  • Occupations - Which ones fit
  • Parents - Characteristics
  • Children - Characteristics
  • Relationships - How your color relates to each of the other colors
  • Food - Which foods contain that color
  • Affirmations
  • Gemstones
  • Energy Drinks - Health benefits based on color
  • Interior Design - How color in your home creates certain effects
  • Too Little - Effects of too little of that color energy
  • Too Much - Effects of too much of that color energy

In addition to the discussion on the individual colors, the following topics are discussed:

  • History of color and energy
  • What is color energy?
  • What is a chakra?
  • Are you only one color?
  • The effect of color
  • Positive and negative qualities of each color
  • How to live in balance
  • How to use your energies positively in your daily life
  • The art of living

And much more ....


    No registered questions. Click the Ask a New Question button above if you have any questions relating to this product.

Colour Energy Hardbound Book

Price: $49.95

Colour Energy By Inger Naess
COLOUR ENERGY. A Comprehensive Hardbound Book about Color Therapy (Click to Enlarge)
(Click to Enlarge)
Reverse Side of Book
Reverse Side of Book
(Click to Enlarge)

Color Therapy Charts

A useful reference for those interested in chromotherapy, or for the wall of the color therapist practice. Also useful as a reference tool for students.

Available in 2 sizes, the charts discuss each of the colors in terms of;

  • healing properties
  • relationship with each of the chakras
  • attributes
  • physical effects
  • distribution
  • best and worst applications
  • special effects

The chakra system is discussed as well as the human aura. A range of common ailments in the human body are also shown and the associated therapeutic colors indicated.

There is also a color wheel which can be used to reveal certain aspects about your personality. The second color wheel shown on the chart helps in selecting the right color for each of the different seasons.

Color Therapy Chart Dimensions

Small Color Chart 6 7/16 x 9 3/8" (163 x 238 mm)
Large Color Chart 13 x 19 3/16" (336 x 486 mm)

Both styles of chart are plastic laminated for additional protection.

Note: The reverse side of the large color therapy chart is blank.


    No registered questions. Click the Ask a New Question button above if you have any questions relating to this product.

I am happy to give a 5 star award for the color therapy charts that I purchased from you. I was also very happy with the careful way they were packaged and they did not get damaged in the post. Lynda Parker U.S.A Feedback Star
I give your service a 5. I have my color therapy chart hanging on the wall in my massage room. My clients are interested in learning new ideas and the color therapy has been fun! Becky Shaw, Middleburg Hts, OH, U.S.A Feedback Star
Colour Therapy Chart - Front
Front Side
(Click to enlarge)
Colour Therapy Chart - Back
Reverse Side
(Click to enlarge)
Small Color Chart

Small Color Chart

Price: $7.95

Colour Therapy Wall Chart
(Click to enlarge)
Large Color Chart

Large Color Chart

Price: $24.95

Color Therapy and Musical Tone Relationship Charts

Useful charts for those wishing to integrate sound therapy into their chromotherapy practice. 

Laminated Scientific Color TherapyLaminated Scientific Color Therapy and Sound Therapy Wheel

8 1/2" X 11"

This beautiful Scientific Color Therapy and Sound Therapy Chart illustrates the relationships between

  • Musical Notes
  • Approximate Scientific Color Frequency
  • Astrological Signs

The color frequency was determined using the scientific law of octaves. Light and sound are both frequencies, although different kinds of waves. If we could extend the notes of a piano up 49 octaves from middle C, the frequency of C in that octave would be the same as the frequency of green. F# would be the same as red. The other note frequencies would correspond to the frequencies of the other colors.

Just as the note of middle C is in harmony with the note of C one octave higher, the color green is in harmony with the note of C since, at the 49th octave above middle C, it is the same frequency. F# is in harmony with the color red for the same reason. The twelve notes of the octave are displayed in this chart with their corresponding colors.


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Laminated Scientific Color and Sound Therapy Wheel


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Laminated BioWaves Color Therapy Octaves ChartLaminated BioWaves Color Therapy Octaves Chart

8 1/2" X 11"

This beautiful Color Therapy Octaves Chart shows the relationship between

  • Musical Octaves
  • Musical Notes Within the Octaves
  • Emotions
  • Organs

The color frequency was determined using the scientific law of octaves.

Laminated BioWaves Color Therapy Octaves Chart


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Color Therapy Information Decoder Wheel

The color therapy decoder wheel is a handy reference which provides practical information to patients and practitioners alike about color, as well as each of the colors association with the following areas;

  • Personality
  • Chakras
  • Seasonal Colors
  • Healing Properties

Each of the above attributes are conveniently spread across rotating information wheels, which are easy to rotate and to refer to.

As an example, the color personality wheel asks you to study the colors on the wheel for a while until you find your preferred colors. You then turn the wheel to the colors selected to reveal information about your personality. Each of the other 3 color wheels decodes information about the chakras, seasonal colors and healing properties associated with the various colors.

Through rotating each of the wheels, you are able to obtain a color analysis as well as other important color information.

Colour Therapy Decoder
The Color Therapy Information Decoder Wheel folds out with the following 4 analytical and information wheels
Color Personality Wheel Chakras Wheel Four Seasons Wheel Color Healing Wheel
Color Personality Wheel
Chakras Wheel
Four Seasons Wheel
Color Healing Wheel
(Click each picture to enlarge)


Color Therapy Information Decoder Wheel

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The information and colors in the decoder are excellent, although I do think it might be better if it could be made from much thicker it tends to bend when you try to turn the circle...I know this will increase the manufacturing costs and therefore retail cost...but a piece of equipment like this would have a lot of use...thumbing, turning, bending. A much stouter, rigid laminated card would be good. Lynda Parker U.S.A

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  1. Chromotherapy Torch
  2. Chromotherapy Correspondence Course*
  3. Small Color Chart
  4. Color Therapy Information Decoder Wheel
  5. Baker-Miller Pink Color Therapy Glasses

* The Chromotherapy Workbook is included with the Chromotherapy Correspondence Course as a printable eBook.




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  7. Color Therapy Information Decoder Wheel
  8. Baker-Miller Pink Color Therapy Glasses
  9. Color Therapy Glasses - Set of 9
  10. Photon Biolight Torch

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* The Chromotherapy Workbook is included with the Chromotherapy Correspondence Course as a printable eBook.



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